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A Simple Method of Frying French Fries

2016-11-07 by Leo

french fries
  When the weather gets cold,with the cold wind blows passing us,it will be a very nice thing for us to eat hot delicious french fries.The excellent feeling french fries bring us will even drive the coldness away.But it’s often pretty troublesome for us to go to the fast-food restaurants to buy some french fries.So why don’t we change our thoughts to make french fries on our own?  The process of making fried french fries will be very funny.It will be an excellent thing for us to eat the fried foods created by us,instead of using frying machine.
  And following let me show you the simple procedures of making homemade french fries.
   1.First of all,we should choose some good-quality potatoes.About choosing potatoes,it will be better if we choose elliptical and long potatoes.Because after cutting,the processed strips will be pretty long.Then the final fried chips will make us satisfy a craving.
   2.Clean and peel these potatoes.During this process,we usually use a knife,but be careful with the knife in case that it may hurt our hands.After all,security is the most important point.And actually,the knife can be replaced.We can use a stainless steel spoon instead of a knife.Although it may be less efficient,it will reduce a lot of danger.
   3.Cut the potatoes into many strips.Many people may think that we just need to cut potatoes optionally.However,there is a useful tip.We can cut a potato into half and slice the half one.Then we will cut them into strips.Thus it will be easier to strip and the strips will be more average.Besides,the strips are easy to hold and maintain.
   4.Put a spoon of salt into a pot filled of proper clean water.Then soak the strips for about 15 minutes.Then boil the strips till they are half cooked.
   5.Take out the potatoes,drain off water and put them in the refrigerator until frozen.
   6.Put proper oil into the pot and heat the oil to enough temperature.Then put the frozen potatoes into the oil until the color of potatoes get golden.Then take them out.After that,put on proper seasoning like salt or chili powder.And for now,the whole procedures of frying delicious french fries have been done.

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