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New Type of Cereal Bar Making Machine

2016-12-19 by Lisa

    The cereal bar making machine can be equipped with various specifications of the tool, according to customer requirements. The machine free on site installation and commissioning, provide technical training and formulation.

cereal bar making machine

     A. Several advantages of cereal bar making machine:
1,We offer different flavors of formula, in order to avoid you explore different flavors of detours, to save more time.
2,We provide technical support. Off the shelf production process, hands-on teaching, thus saving more time.
3,Difference between cereal bar making machine and a conventional cereal bar making machine:production scale is not the same. Our cereal bar is three times as much as the traditional cereal bar making machine, 100-120 kg per hour.
4,Simple operation.

     B. New type cereal bar making machine market outlook:
The traditional cereal bar only a taste of varieties, and a single species, the relatively backward type explosion pot on the street, containing lead in the pressure cooker pot, heating, explosion caused a certain amount of lead will melt part into steam and lead smoke pollution, raw materials. And production is relatively small, can not meet the needs of the market. The company in good faith-based, quality and service to create a brand, with advanced management concept and a solid style, mutual benefit and common efforts to free from arrogance and impetuosity, and put the cereal bar making machine bigger and stronger. This equipment is designed to meet the various needs and the introduction of large commercial cereal bar making machine, the biggest advantage is the large capacity, can be modulated by a variety of flavors of cereal bar.

Above is a basic data of cereal bar making machine, if you have any questions about the information of the cereal bar making machine, please contact us to get more information.You can also leave a message for us to ask for help.