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What is Chili Sauce Processing Equipment?

2017-01-19 by Lisa

Do you like spicy food? Chili is a kind of unique local flavor seasoning for people cooking or make fillings, in recent years, more and more people love the taste of chili, especially in the cold winter. Because the harvest of pepper has seasonal, people in many countries in order to perennial edible,  various processing methods have been developed, the sauce is one of the hot pepper products.
chili sauce
Do you know how the chili sauce comes from? With the development of the times, the traditional manual chili sauce production process can not meet the market demand, “machine substitutions” is in the growing popularity of the times, chili processing industry has gradually become the era of intelligent. More and more related machinery began to emerge in large numbers. Here is to introduce you to the production of chili sauce common equipment. 

 Chili sauce usually grinding by the chili sauce processing euqipment (which also named the peanut grinding machine ): chili grinding machine is a machine used to grind chili, when the machine is in operation, the motor drives the spindle and the turbine to rotate at high speed. The chili is fed into the machine from the feed hopper, so that through the rotating air flow and turbine blade to grind. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which prolongs the service life of the bearing.

Chili paste filling machine: chili sauce filling machine widely used semi liquid, paste, sauce for containing particles filling, can also be filling all kinds of thick body etc. Equipped with automatic mixing function, simple structure, high precision, simple operation, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, the filling head adopts anti pull and lifting filling device, the contact parts are made of stainless steel material, meet food safety requirements.

With the chili sauce market demand continues to rise, in order to meet the market demand, mechanization, intelligent become the only way which must be passed of the deep processing industry. Therefore, the relevant equipment companies need to grasp the business opportunities in a timely manner.

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