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How to Make Chin Chin Nigeria?

2018-09-06 by Tina

Chin chin is the a nice food in Nigeria, this food is very popular. Then how to make chin chin? Here is a chin chin cutting machine testing video show you. Firstly, shaping the dough simply, then put it one the roll and roll into the mold knife, at last the mold knife could cut the dough into certain shapes, cakes produced in this way are the same in length, width, thickness, imitation of manual operation but better than manual products. What’s more, the dough will not stick to the knife, forming good and there is no scrap. In addition, the mold knives can be customized according to the customers' requirements. This chin chin making machine produced by this company is simple in design and convenience to maintenance, one labor can operate it in most occasions. It is an ideal machine for cutting chin chin with different shapes.

The chin chin making machine can be used to produce many kinds of snacks, such as Nigerian Chin Chin, Chinese rice strips and so on. The width, length and thickness of chin chin can be adjusted. And the shapes, it can be changed through the change of different molds. The chin chin making machine is small but high output, cheap but durable. If you are interested with this product, and want to make chin chin, please feel free to contact with us. My email is lisa@machinehall.com.
How to Make Chin Chin Nigeria

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