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Best Price Stainless Steel Continuous Roasting Machine

2016-10-17 by Lisa

Best Price Stainless Steel Continuous Roasting Machine
Continuous roasting machine is the drying equipment using steel mesh as the transmission belt to carry materials for continuous drying. It is most suitable for line production.It can be used for roasting nuts materials such as peanuts, melon seeds, pistachio nuts, hazelnut and almond. This machine can be used together with other equipment and can be used alone as well. It is the ideal equipment for roasting nuts like peanuts, melon seeds, cashew nuts and processing food and vegetables.

Natural gas and liquefied gas can be used for heating. It combines roasting and cooling with controllable and adjustable roasting time, speed and temperature, fault alarm, uniform roasting, high productivity, low energy consumption, no pollution, no damage, fire heating and delicious taste etc.

It can be customized according to customers' needed output.Our company can customize all kinds of Continuous Roasting Machine according to the requirements, production and actual situation of customers.
At the end of the article,I also want to emphasize the characteristics of the machine.

First,low investment, fast drying, high evaporation intensity.Second,high efficiency, large output, good product quality.The last,standard production, the segment can be increased according to the output.

I hope that when you see our machine, you will be interested and contact us.

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