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Do you know cube sugar making machine ?

2016-11-04 by Tina

  Coffee tastes bitter, it is not only refreshing, and the effect of burning fat, if it is not appropriate to add sugar, the taste is not very good. Brown sugar in all sugar to taste, relatively high nutritional value, high content of trace elements, and the sugar content is lower, so add cube sugar can increase the nutrition of the body. With the development of the society, people living standard enhancement, people like to enjoy life, in the number of coffee shop has increased dramatically, with the popularity of coffee, sugar also gradually became popular
  Do you know how to make cube sugar? How much you know about cube sugar? Do you like to put cube sugar in  drink coffee ?
  The cube sugar making machine can produce cube sugar.
cube sugar making machine
  Sugar production is the crystal size of granularity appropriate refined sugar, with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution (or water), become the moisture content of 1.5 ~ 2.5% Wet sugar, then made half a square block molding machine, then through dryer to dry the moisture below 0.5%, packaging after cooling.
  Cube sugar making machine is a kind of automatic feed, continuous forming technology, continuous briquetting sugar molding equipment, which is mainly used for pressure square shape, and other various shapes. 18 can be made up by 18 * 12 mm and 20 * 20 x 15 mm and a variety of specifications. It will be granulated sugar granule raw materials made from compressed square candy bars, after drying oven drying be qualified of sugar. The machine PIC control, high degree of automation, electrical components imported and brand accessories, stable quality, easy maintenance. This equipment is used in water or water powder or particles, such as sugar (sugar, brown sugar (brown sugar to control a certain water), red sugar) and chicken essence, MSG, sugar, etc.

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