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Do you know the explosion of Samsung?

2016-11-25 by Ellie

Recently, the news that an explosion occurred to Samsung telephone surprised customers a lot. The Samsung Note 7 is considered to be the best equipment, and the explosion event makes it more famous in the global market. There is no doubt net citizens are discussing about the quality of Samsung electronic equipment after the explosion, so the Samsung cooperation announced to stop the production and sales of Note 7.
 stick noodle processing line
Obviously, the exposition event brings huge negative influences to the Samsung electronics company. What’s more, the reputation and brand image of it has been ruined by this event, and it is difficult to recover in a short time.
With the news spreading constantly, what manufacturers should consider? After the background of this exposition, what reflected is the essence of production of manufacturing industry. In the process of products manufacturing and production, the quality should be taken into consideration first. In the using process and maintenance, safety is the most important.
As for food machinery equipment, it should also pay attention to the safe performance. According to relevant statistics, there are also several accidents related to the food machinery industry. Take the noodles making machine for example, the flour making process of noodles is completed by automatic machinery with the development of technology and equipment. However, a worker who is operation the flour making machine is injured his hands, and this news also surprised both customers and manufacturers. Where there is a problem, there is a solution.
Automatic single making machine needs workers to operate it, so it is possible for the occurrence of accidents. Therefore, the appearing of production line breaks this rule. What is production line? It means all machines are connected to comprise a whole eat of production line, so that no workers are needed to operate machine in every single process. In terms of noodles, stick noodle processing line avoids the potential risk brought by the single making machine successfully. 
 stick noodle processing line
Once a safe event happened, it will influence its market share and reputation for a long time, and the GELGOOG COMPANG is always regarding good quality as the first principle of production, so that products are sold to countries around the world. What's more, many aspects of machines can be customized according to customer’s requirements, to better apply for the different conditions.