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Why Egg Tart So Popular?

2016-12-27 by Lisa

Egg tart is a pie with egg paste made of fillings; Taiwan called egg tart, "tart" is English "tart" transliteration, which means the pie fillings exposed (relative surface crust coverage, number of pie pie filling seal); egg tart with egg paste fillings tart". It is put into the small round cake skin basin shaped cake, poured into a mixture of sugar and egg egg paste, then baked in the oven; baked out of the outer layer of the skin egg tart is crisp tart, the inner layer is a sweet yellow coagulated egg pulp.

egg tart

In the middle ages,the British people have used milk, sugar, eggs and different spices, making similar egg tart food. Someone also pointed out that egg tart is Manhanquanxi sixth banquet one dish in seventeenth Century of China.

Hongkong introduced egg tart era, no exact year, someone said that since 1940s, Hongkong has been appeared egg tart, at the beginning of the egg tarts in the most tea restaurant are large, a egg tart can become a afternoon tea food. The taste is sweet and mellow, soft and delicious. 1990s, sideline bread of tea restaurant gradually reduced, therefore only in the old tea restaurant has home baked egg tart, other restaurant need order egg tart from bread factory. On the other hand, a lot of snacks in Hongkong restaurants including egg tart Zi (small egg tart). There is also appear egg tart for weight loss, egg paste is made of protein.

In order to meet the needs of the consumers, egg tart machines has greatly changed our life, manufacturers only need one or several machines can do a lot of egg tart, but also the save labor and cost. 

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