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Features Of Full Automatic Deoiling Machine

2016-12-22 by sherry

The principle of De-oiling machine is mechanical centrifugal, through the inner tube of high-speed rotation, the oil be thrown out, and to collect the device.
Deoiling Machine 
The feature of de-oiling machine:
1.Shock proof safety. Clutch start, acceleration, easy to extend the service life of the motor.
2. Precision measurement, stable operation, Speed can be selected according to the oil, in accordance with the centrifugal effect. free use of cement machine and pit, any flat place, can be at ease to use.
Gelgoog’s Frying production line always use de-oiling machine.
Instructions of de-oil machine:
1. Starting spindle motor by frequency converter, According to the operation procedure, Oil removal cylinder running a low speed. start-up matching automatic feeding mechanism, through turning mechanism, distributed the object evenly in the cylinder. and to ensure the filling balance , If the object is not balanced, the machine should be immediately shut down. After the device is completely stopped, to adjust the material evenly with artificial, And then restart through the inverter.
2. After deoiling, the machine enter into slow down to low speed operation, meanwile, hydraulic turning device start working. Hydraulic cylinder lifting machine turning 120 degrees for unloading procedure
3. The equipment of the equipment is controlled by the PLC, it can finished lifting, turning on the material, off the oil, turning out the material, Empty transplanting, product packing
Use and maintenance:
1. Regularly check whether the bolts are loose at all parts of the equipment, Regular filling grease, pay attention to the transmission belt tension
2. The equipment shall not be cast in a static state, prohibit To carry out the inspection,  In the boot state In the boot state. If there is abnormal phenomenon, All inspection and maintenance shall be carried out after the equipment is completely stopped; All inspection and maintenance shall be carried out after the equipment is completely stopped;
3. The equipment should be operated in the low speed (RPM 2-3), uniform feeding, to ensure the balance of the oil barrel.

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