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Food Frying Machine in Daily Life

2016-12-27 by sherry

Fired food is accompany our three meals every day, almost all of us have oil in every meal we eat. These fried related closely with our daily, but do you really know ahout the Fired?
The process by which food is heated in a cooking oil (the level of oil above the food level) is called frying.
Frying is a kind of processing method of food cooked and dried, it is the process of  placed the food on the high temperature oil to fired them until cooked. Frying can kill microorganisms in food, extend the shelf life of food, and can improve the flavor of food, improve the nutritional value of food, and give food golden color. The nuts and roasted seeds which after fired will have the characteristic of fried crisp and beautiful color.
Fried snack is one of the traditional snacks in china. Regardless of holidays’ fried string, fried meatballs, or stall fried potatoes, fried corn, fried seafood etc.. all of them is very popular. Fried snacks varieties are also very large, you can fry different types of food. Such as fruits, vegetables, cooked food, meat etc.. Some people also love the fried food with spices, such as pepper, sesame, sesame oil, sauce etc.
At home, we fry the food by pot, in the factory, we fry the food by Frying machine.This nuts frying machine is used for frying different foodstuff, such as pellets, nuts, chips and so on.The fryer could make timing frying, deoiling, and output convey altogether. The temperature, fry time,and deoiling time are all controlled by PC. All kinds of foodstuff can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result. The oil content of frying food could also be well controlled in deoiling device.

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