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Best Round Fryer for Frying Food

2017-02-13 by Lisa

frying machine
Round pan frying machine is suitable for the products are:
Broad beans, green beans, peanuts and other nuts; crispy rice, potato chips and other puffed food; swelled candy rice and other flour products; chicken and other meat products; bean curd cake, tofu and other soy products and so on.

The product features:
1. advanced and efficient heating system to a greater extent to avoid the energy waste, save a lot of energy expenditure.
2. the machine can greatly prolong the service life of frying oil, no need change oil frequently.
3. the advanced mechanical configuration and control, can always maintain good working condition, not only increased the production but also can make the product quality is stable, uniform color, aroma and taste.
4. the machine to improve the work efficiency of the unit, effectively reduce the unit cost, labor costs and management expenses are also very helpful.
5. using this machine can greatly improve the product quality, reduce the cost during the production process, make your products more competitive market.

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