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Why the Food Need Seasoning

2016-12-28 by Lisa

The food finally shows different flavor, one of the most important link in the whole production process is Food Seasoning. This is a very important process,the drying of dehydrated dog food transported to the roller, spray various oils and flavor attractant on dog food.

food seasoning machine

This part mainly completed two tasks, one is to increase the fat content of food, the other is to meet the food seasoning, will be prepared a variety of fatty oil and mix well, spray evenly in food particles. At the same time, is realized for dog food seasoning, seasoning and process for improving food palatability purposes, the seasoning process is in different temperature settings, through physical and chemical changes of the complex, repair, remove the smell of food original smell, make the dog food become dog love to eat delicious food process.

Dog food to become different tastes, such as beef flavor, chicken flavor, mutton flavor and other flavors, we need to put in time and energy on seasoning link. Seasoning process is achieve added to the dog food flour, coordinate dog food temptation for dog and highlight the different flavors of food technology.

Main parts of Seasoning machine use the high quality stainless steel 304, can mix the seasoning with raw material evenly with short time, Automatic tilt so that convenient unloading. The whole machine drive smooth, reliable performance. The seasoning machine is easy to clean and maintain, meet the production process requirements.

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