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Different Shapes of French Fries

2017-02-03 by Lisa

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French Fries, this snack we absolutely is very familiar, it has been popular in the whole of Europe as early as in 1830, after the first world war, American veterans who fought in Europe brought back the habit of eating french fries to United states. McDonald's and other fast-food chains have opened to further expand the market for french fries. In today's society, every corner of the city now seems to have their shadow. And the French fries industry is also in constant development and innovation to meet the different needs of customers.

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French fries shapes are not just the same as before, there is a lot of shapes of french fries like curly fries, waffle fries, crinkle fries, wedge-cut fries. Waffle fries also called lattice fries, they are made of potatoes being cut crossways with a special tool to form the special small hole or windows in the potato slices. Crinkle fries are peeled potatoes being cut with a special tool to form crinkle shape and then fry it in oil until golden brown. Wedge-cut fries are small, unpeeled potatoes being cut lengthways into quarters or sixth to form the wedges, then cook in hot oven until golden and crisp.

If you wan to fry different french fries one time, you can use the equipment, deep fryer can help you easy to produce the different shapes french fries with high quality, high efficiency, easy to operate, high degree of automatic, is suitable for middle or large french fries factories.

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