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Quality Fryer Machine for Pani Puri Frying

2020-06-11 by Lisa

Why is the pani puri fryer machine frying good? Because of its good frying effect, it is easy to use, durable, and affordable. Below are the advantages of the fryer.

1. Widely used: it can be fry chin chin, dough, chicken nuggets, french fries, meat ball, potato chips, etc. Most of the food is can be fried.
2. Automation: automatic oil temperature control; automatic filter residue, can be equipped with circulation filter system; automatic oil filling.
3. High quality: this pani puri fryer is made of quality 304 stainless steel, if your country do not use this material, we can customize for you.
4. Heating methods: this machine uses electricity, LPG or natural gas or steam heating.
5. Safety and protection: equipped with safeguard, once the temperature is abnormal, the facility will alarm. Double layer stainless steel belt, preventing products floating.
6. Convenient: easy to operate, convenience washing. Good performance and stability. Scrapers fixed on the belt, ensure the products come out easily.

In addition to the above functions, our pani puri fryer has different output to meet the needs of users. For some customers' special customization requirements, it is possible. It is the quality fryer machine for pani puri frying.


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