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Ice Cream Cone Machine Manufacturer--GELGOOG Machinery

2018-06-08 by Lisa

Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. As an ice cream cone machine manufacturer, it is an ice cream cone machine, pizza cone machine, ice cream cone production line, pizzelle cookie  machine, wafer biscuit production line, egg tart machine, etc products such as the development of manufacturing plants. GELGOOG Machinery development and production of ice cream cone machine, pizza cone machine, egg tart machine, wafer biscuit production line sold all over the world. Companies to sell products among consumers enjoy a higher evaluation, the current GELGOOG Machinery with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. The company makes ice cream cone machine, full range and reasonable price. The company has many years of production experience, strength, credit, Shou contract, to ensure product quality, with a variety of operating characteristics and small profits but quick turnover principle, has won the trust of our customers. 
ice cream cone machine manufacturer
The company produces ice cream cone machines with a good quality, all the use of high-quality materials produced, and the material of food contact part adopts 304 stainless steel. The quality of the machine is guaranteed, different kinds of cone machine can make ice cream cone is not the same, the production of different shape and size of the cone can be replaced by the machine mold to achieve this effect. 
Warm tip: When you receive the goods, please be sure to disassemble the goods in front of the delivery personnel and confirm the correct signature after the confirmation! such as the external surface of the merchandise has obvious due to the fall, bump, squeeze, pressure caused by the damage. Please make sure that the delivery agent will be on the list of adverse conditions and rejected, and immediately contact us to ensure your interests! Otherwise the company when you receive the goods is intact processing.

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