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Machine Remove Horsebean Skin Working Video

2018-07-02 by Tina

Here is a machine remove horsebean skin working video show you.

Horsebean skin removing machine is a special used to remove the horse bean skin of the efficient equipment, it can not only remove the bean peel, but also to remove peanut skin, almond skin, doupi, soybean peel, soy peel, oat skin and all kinds of beans skin. This kind of peeling machine is very practical, the use is more extensive.

The working principle of horsebean skin removing machine: Take horsebeans into the hopper, vibration is made up of three raw materials into the power roller fixed rotation lugs, through induction, the effect of feeding wheel, through the imitation slub by hand wheel to peeling effect, and then press the peeling horsebean after discharging wheel into the hopper, and is discharged in the hopper, skin via jilt the skin wheel. The horsebean peeling machine is high output capacity, low power consumption and easy to operate. This machine is unique with high peeling rate, color and luster is bright.
machine remove horsebean skin
The horsebean skin removing machine design is reasonable, compact structure, the use of imitation of the principle of human peeling and special peeling original, so with a high peeling rate, high integrity rate, non-polluting, low energy consumption and peeling and skin separation at the same time the completion of the characteristics. Is peanuts, almonds, beans peeling, the ideal opening equipment. If you are interested, please email lisa@machinehall.com for machine price and details.

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