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Hot sell peanut roasting machine

2016-11-07 by Tina

  The peanut roasting machine is an important equipment while peanut food processing in factory or in farm. It is really an ideal machine for roasting granular nuts and seeds, including peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, pistachios etc. Also the peanut roasting machine can be used alone or even in groups just according your need. When roasting different nuts and seeds, the temperatures control device is used to control the temperature within the peanut roasting machine instantly with higher degree of automation.
  The peanut roasting  machine consists of the transmission parts, electric heating tube, electric cabinet, roller, roller and other parts. This machine use apparatus automatically controls the temperature inside the oven temperature control, high degree of automation, low noise, no pollution.
  Timing and discharging of peanut roasting machine are the two important steps in the operation.
  Adjust the peanut roasting machine, and then press the switch, adjust and settings a few minutes. If the warning is over a period of time, it indicates that the time required is up to. Then the operator should turn off the timer switch when the alarm is stopped.
  When turned off the timer switch, the alarm have sounds. Open the door opening of the material to keep the discharge opening, and then press the drum stop button and drum reverse button, then the drum material will be the original exit. When the material is emptied, the door is closed, the stop button is pressed, and then the button is pressed, the drum starts to rotate in the forward direction.
  The peanut roasting machine is according to GELGOOG company for many years production experience, the comparison of domestic and foreign similar products, integrated the advantages of electric oven to develop a new type of high efficiency and energy saving furnace, baking products taste pure. Energy saving safety, health and convenient, fast, stable performance, less consumption, low running cost, long service life, the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, the baking quality meet the food hygiene standards and international standards.
peanut roasting machine

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