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Hot sell sesame butter production line

2016-12-01 by Tina

Fry the sesame  seed paste is, grinding paste made of crushed, have fragrance, used as a condiment. Also called sesame ketchup. Sesame paste is one of the crowd loved the smell of spices. Have two types, that is, white sesame paste and black sesame paste.
According to the using sesame material color, can be divided into white sesame paste and black sesame paste. According to the purposes, hot pot sesame ketchup is one of the common, material selection of refined white sesame sesame ketchup. Fine workmanship, color golden, taste smooth, taste mellow.
sesame butter production line is a ideal equipment to making Original flavor and multi-flavour sesame butter.
This sesame butter production line was designed by combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology and customer demand. It consisted of feed elevator, continuous cleaner and dryer machine, continuous roaster, cooling machine, storing and feeding machine, grinding machines, mixing machine, vacuum degassing tank, pump and other spare parts. It has advantages of high automation, easy-operating, integrated control, stable performance, high product quality etc.
Sesame butter production line is specially researched and developed for processing sesame butter. The fineness of finished sesame is adjustable in 100-120mesh. If you need more fine sesame butter, the GELGOOG company can supply three-roller grinder machine to make it to be more fine.
It is high output, advanced product design and technology, stable and reliable, mass production can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve labor condition, reduce production area, reduce the production cost, shorten production cycle, guarantee the production balance, significant economic benefits.
It is easy to operate and maintenance, beautiful generous appearance; compact structure, smooth working, low noise and long service life.
 Machine uses the food grade stainless steel parts and materials, strong and durable.
Electrical safety in line with national standards, security and reliable.
sesame butter production line

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