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How much do you know about ice cream cone?

2016-10-14 by admin

Do you like ice cream? Or does your child like ice cream?
As far as I am concerned, most people are willing to eat ice cream, even though it belongs to the desert series. Girls want to lose weight all the time, no matter she is fat or thin, because everybody wants to be beautiful as much as possible. On the contrary, girls also like desserts very much, with the improvement of people’s life standard, so the ice cream is popular with more and more people, not only for the girls, but also for the teenager, adults, and the elderly. Therefore, the market demand and share of ice cream is very huge.

ice cream

As an ice cream cone making enterprise, you are supposed to pay attention to the ice cream cone making machine definitely. The ice cream is easy to carry, and easy to make, and customers can buy it in the beverage shops, supermarket, and in the movie centers.
As a response to the market demand, our company has researched and developed a high quality ice cream cone making machine, and it sells well all over the world.

ice cream cone making machine

The machine is used to make ice cream cone automatically, and is has a automatic system, so it is unnecessary for you to employ professional workers, which can help you save cost.
The molds can be various, and we can customize the molds for our customers.

ice cream

1.  your needs, and the temperature can be showed automatically.
4. Being equipped with mixing system inside, this accelerates the cold cycling, so the machine has quick refrigeration speed. Different molds for different size and shape cones are available, so you can replace the molds on the machine according to your needs.
5. There are many different capacity products, so you can choose different baking numbers of the machine. Our ice cream cone machine can produce high quality cones and satisfy you.
6. Made up of stainless steel, healthy and durable. Easy to operate, one person can operate it absolutely.
Do you interested in this machine now, if yes, please contact us with no hesitation.

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