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How much you know about the sugar grinder machine?

2016-12-19 by Tina

Sugar grinder machine is mainly applied to food (example: sugar, sugar, salt, rice, corn, starch, oats, flour, beans, peas, lentils, beans, spices, flavors, sweeteners, dried fruit, nuts, chicken essence, potato chips, broken bread, coffee, cocoa powder, potato powder, milk powder, onion, dehydrated vegetables, agricultural and sideline products, lotus seed, glucose, oat hulls, shells, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, cumin, chili, pepper, naked oats, beans, star anise, cinnamon, pharmaceutical, chemical, urea, calcium carbonate, copper oxide, etc.), cosmetics, biological, veterinary medicine smashing processing, low and medium hardness materials such as fineness regulation between 30-150 mesh, with high yield, fine granularity, low noise, low energy consumption, maintenance is simple and convenient installation, especially suitable for oily, viscosity, heat sensitive, fibrous low hardness materials such as crushing process.

The structure and working principle:
1, structure: food mill main chassis, machine door, turbine, shaft, screen mesh, pulley and motor parts.

2, how it works:
Food grinder regulated, the motor drives the spindle and turbine at high speed. Circle on the turbine and sieve grinding block composes the crushing, grinding, when material from the hopper into the machine cavity, friction material in the rotation of the turbine flow closely and strongly impact on the inside of the turbine blades, and again in the blade gap between grinding block and grinding. at the same time of crushing material, turbine inhalation of air, the air played a cooling machine, grinding material and the effect of fines. Material crushing fineness depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the material and the air by volume.
it is equipped with a special labyrinth seal bearing parts, can effectively prevent the dust into the bearing chamber, so as to prolong the service life of the bearing. machine door is equipped with silicon rubber sealing ring, no dust leakage and pollution operating environment.

1, crushing capacity, low energy consumption, product fineness of relatively less.
2, crush space is large, turbine operating at high wind pressure, can not only improve the production capacity, reduce the crushing phenomenon, and can effectively avoid the materials produced in the process of crushing the deposition and blocking phenomenon of screen mesh.
3, due to strengthen the shear, so for fibrous material crushing capacity is higher than general equipment.
4, the installation of the screen is convenient, reliable positioning, adopt plug-in. With high relative to the ring screen form a lot of life.
5, the host USES the water cooling, the whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP production requirements.
sugar grinder machine

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