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How to correctly use frying machine?

2017-01-10 by Tina

First, before using frying machine, to know products that need frying, such as pasta or puffed food series, beans products, different products production process is different, so it is need to be good to think ahead. According to the method of use can be divided into different oil-water mixing equipment and pure oil equipment. Pasta series such as twist, caramel treats, cat ears, broad beans, peas, beans, fish, tofu and other soy products, suitable for oil and water mixing equipment, puffed food, prepared food for pure oil equipment.

Within refueling equipment before use must to the furnace, so as not to burn out the electric heat pipe; Heating tube surface will produce some oil residue, use for a period of time should be timely cleaning, clean at least four times a month; Timely cleaning residue on the surface of the frying machine, residue accumulation of too much or too thick to prevent slag heat storage in fire. Summer water-oil mixed Fried machine change water once a day, winter can be replaced periodically according to the water quality by applying a quality; Heating pipe must be immersed in medium to work. Check the properties and the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly. General advanced equipment is set with automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature at room temperature to 230 degrees between adjusted, according to the Fried product chosen temperature, automatic control of heating on and off, in order to protect a constant temperature, not only reduce the energy consumption, and operation is simple, fast, and improve the working efficiency, deeply user welcome.

Another more important thing is that, after the use of must have deep fryer clean, the specific method is to wait after oil cooling oil is released, add water to the water to get the hell out of here, sprinkle edible alkali powder for two, for 5-10 minutes, then put the water out.

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