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How to make fresh noodles can be stored longer

2016-10-22 by admin

As we all know, dried noodles have been regarded as a kind of staple food for a long time, and many families will storage some dried noodles in their home as breakfast or dinner materials. It is regarded as the best food to entertain guests in some regions. With the development of society and technology, the classification of dried noodles is more and more specific, and the processing technology is introduced to places all over the world.
It is said that dried noodle originates from China, and has a long history there, and then it is introduced and adopted by other countries for its delicious tastes.
People rub the wet dough into noodles like the size of fingers, and hang in the wooden shelves, after putting a short round stick, the coarse noodles can be turned to tiny and long, with natural wind, it turns out to be dried noodles, it has been popular among people because its good taste, convenience, low price, and easy storage, and the production technology has been inherited.
With the time passing, the ancient small-workshop production model cannot adapt to the development of dried noodle industry. The paste machinery starts to be adapted widely in the rapid development of food industry. The method of natural drying was eliminated first, and followed by indoor drying. Therefore, the production of dried noodles is not influenced by weather any longer, and the adoption of drying machine can decrease the pollution of paste to a great extent, which can improve the quality and security of products.
Therefore, the noodle drying machine appears in various noodle producing workshops or enterprises, which lays the foundation for the mechanization level of dried noodle production line. Afterwards, the adaption pace of dough making machine, noodle pressing machine and noodle hanging machine is accelerating.
The prospect of automatic dried noodle production line is brilliant, so do you want to purchase such kind of production line for your factory, please chick here, and there will be surprise waiting for you.

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