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How Does the Colloid Mill Work?

2019-02-13 by Tina

How Does the Colloid Mill Work?
The relative motion of the colloid mill machine through different geometry stators and rotors under high-speed rotation, under the action of self-weight, gas pressure and centrifugal force, the material is subjected to strong shearing force and friction force through its annular variable gap. The composite force such as impact force and high-frequency vibration effectively disperses, crushes, emulsifies and mixes the materials, thereby obtaining an ideal product.
Colloid Mill Grinder Machine
Colloid mill grinder is a professional equipment, the grinder belongs to the new equipment of wet ultrafine particle processing, and its main part is composed of shell, stator, rotor, regulating mechanism, cooling mechanism, electric motor and so on. Colloid mill machine main parts are made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, non-toxic.

Advantages of Colloid Mill Grinder Machine
1. Made of stainless steel, the machine is durable;
2. The structure is simple, and the equipment is easy to maintain and maintain;
3. Suitable for materials with higher viscosity and larger particles;
4. Wide range of applications, food industry, chemical industry, household chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry and other industries.

Colloidal mill machine has 50 type, 80 type, 110 type, 130 type, 180 type and so on. All stainless steel production, simple operation, high production efficiency, according to different materials, choose different specifications of the type of colloidal mill, so that it achieves good results.


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