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Where to Buy Instant Noodle Production Line?

2018-04-17 by Lisa

instant noodle production line
Fast food is popular with the needs of modern life rhythm. Instant noodles have become the mainstream products of convenient instruments. According to the statistics, the annual per capita sales of instant noodles in China are fourteen packets, only 1/3 in Japan and 1/6 in Korea. But the market competition for instant noodles is fierce. More than 90% of the market share is occupied by a few large enterprises. Therefore, for a relatively large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, developing new products and occupying the blank market is the way to choose. For example, the appearance of rice noodles, non fried instant noodles, and so on, obviously changed the problem of poor taste of the original instant noodle block, and broke the situation of instant noodles for non fried food. Today, health will become the theme. Its market will be promising. The success of some convenient noodle and instant noodle factory is just showing this. Instant noodle factory is using new sales channels to launch new products.

Our instant noodle production line is composed of brine mixer, brine metering device, double shaft double speed and face machine, disc ripening machine, compound calender, multi-layer steamer, square cutting and dissection machine, fryer, air cooling machine, conveyor and so on. It is a professional device for making instant noodles, with large yield and good quality. So if you want to start instant noodle business, please email me lisa@machinehall.com for the more details and price.

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