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The Manufacturing Process of Continuous Fryer

2016-12-28 by Lisa

With the development of technology, the traditional frying equipment technology has improved greatly, GELGOOG company launch the latest high-tech frying machine. This machine mainly used for fried foods, such as potato chips, french fries, peanuts, hamburger, chicken, etc.

continuous fryer

There are two heating methods for your reference: electric and natural gas. Continuous frying machine is a kind of smokeless, multifunction, energy saving and environmental protection type frying equipment, the equipment adopts the most advanced continuous frying technology changed the structure of traditional frying equipment completely, fundamentally solves the disadvantages of the traditional frying machines.

This process adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer, reservoir temperature control, effectively alleviate the oxidation degree of frying oil, inhibit the increase of acid value, thereby prolonging the service life of frying oil. The waste and heavy metals quickly sink into the low-temperature dry area during frying process. When frying oil excessively dry, water can supply deep fried oil layer of appropriate moisture,the fried food won't appear coking, carbonization,can effectively control the formation of carcinogens, ensure food safety, ensure the edible health.

The process can effectively control the oil content of food, fried food not only color, aroma and taste, clean appearance, and improve the product quality, extend shelf life. The indirect heating oil pipeline way, could not cause damage to oily, extend the frying oil change cycle. Use cylinder lift, more stable, more secure. The machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharge,automatic filtration, automatic mixing function. Using oil-water mixing process, residue automatic filtration, keep oil surface clean. 

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