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Misunderstandings of the Public on Instant Noodles

2016-11-09 by Leo

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  Since the birth of instant noodles,it has been about 55 years.The global whole sales volume of instant noodles produced by instant noodle machines had been beyond 100 billion.Instant noodles have already blended in our daily life.But there always have been some rumors about instant noodles.And due to these opinions,many enterprises that produce instant noodles have been influenced a lot.
  About instant noodles,they have been demonized for long.So many misunderstandings exist.For example,many people think that instant noodles are not possessed of nutrition,have too high level of oil and salt,packed in toxic packages,made of dirty oil and some even say instant noodles can’t be digested for 32 days.Because of these bad rumors,many consumers will change their moods when they hear someone talking about instant noodles.In 2014,the average consumption volume of per Chinese people was only 35,which hasn’t reached half of the volume of Korea.
  But as a matter of fact,according to relative scientific experiments,instant noodles are proved not only safe,but also not worse comparing with foods like hamburgers,rice,breads on nutrition and the ability of being digested.Actually,the instant noodles produced with modern technology can be guaranteed of safety.
  Origin:Rumors motivates innovation.
  Relative rumors didn’t start in recent years,but began since the birth of instant noodles.After the world’s first instant noodles--chicken noodles was invented,rumors started to fly across the sky.With the success of Momofuku Ando’s instant noodles business,many imitators showed up.Until 1965,the quantity of manufacturers that have swarmed into the industry had been hard to count accurately.But some of the manufacturers just wanted to earn money and put less attention on quality.Thus many instant noodles of quality problems had been produced and sold to consumers.Accordingly,they raised so many complains about the quality about products.And the Nissin Company created by Momofuku Ando was also influenced.Momofuku Ando felt very weird that he wondered why would the noodles processed in the situation of 160 degrees high temperature have quality issues.After a period of investigation,his company found out the real reason.Relative problems only happen in counterfeits.Thus the innocency of Nissin Company came back.And because of this event,the industry of instant noodles started to walk the road of higher safety and standard.
  In 1965,Momofuku Ando decided to mark the producing date on all the products.Gradually,this has become a standard procedure of guaranteeing safety.
  Deduction:Experiments show truth.
  The rumor of “you need to take 32 days to cure poison after eating a bowl of instant noodles”has lasted for a very long period.It declares that the packages,noodles and seasoning of instant noodles are toxic.But relative convincible experiments have proved instant noodles safe and easy to digest.It only takes about 2 hours for a volunteer to digest a bowl of noodles.
  Trend:They’ll get better.
  The original definitions,conditions and ambitions of instant noodles made by Momofuku Ando were “convenient,nutrient,healthy,cheap and long-term storage”.With the development of technology,instant noodles are getting healthier and finer.As the world’s consciousness has been raising all the time,enterprises are trying to make instant noodles possessed of higher nutrition.So the truth is that instant noodles produced by standard enterprises and procedures are safe and getting better day by day.We should have the consciousness to distinguish right from wrong and shouldn’t trust rumors easily.And one important point is that it’ll be better if we choose right foods with instant noodles to make up rational combinations.

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