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More Convenient Choice-Bowl Type Instant Noodles

2016-11-30 by Ellie

As we all know, instant noodles have been popular among consumes for a long time, and it seems to keep it market shares in the long run. According to relevant statistics, instant noodles are originated from Japan, and there were no sources in the beginning. However, packaging bags and bowl type instant noodles are invented later in accordance with consumer’s demand.
In terms of bowl type instant noodles, it is considered to be a more convenient form than bag instant noodles. As people are busy with their work, they have less time to cook at home, and they need to put the bag instant noodles into their tableware, which can’t meet the requirement of convenience. As a result, the bowl type instant noodles emerge, with its own container, so it appears on the market very quickly, such as retail store, supermarkets, malls, and other places.

instant noodle

Bowl type instant noodle manufacturers win the maker share quickly, and many enterprises begin to imitate this new production mode. This development trend turns out to be successful, but constant innovations and developments also need to be made by lager generation.
With the development of food machinery industry, the technology and equipment for producing instant noodles have been improved. At present, the most widely used equipment is the fried instant noodle production line. It is the automatic equipment that makes the production of instant noodles easier, and work efficiency and yield are also enhanced.
instant noodles production line
This automatic production line includes: dough mixer, curing machine, continuous rolling machine, cooking machine, cutting and folding machine, frying machine, cooling machine, and packaging machine. All machines are connected with high integrating degree. What’s more, the capacity of production line can be customized according to customer’s requirements.