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New Type Noodles Making Machine to Delhi

2018-10-26 by Lisa

Noodles Making Machine Manufacturer
The company's new type noodles making machine was sold to Delhi, India. This is his first business. Our company produces this model noodles making machine features are: The roll surface through the grinder fine grinding, smooth and beautiful, rolled out of the face with uniform and smooth, to ensure a good surface quality of the machine design reasonable. The use of arrangement, reducer and sprocket transmission, low noise, compact structure, humanized design, work effort. Easy to operate, safe and hygienic. Smooth transmission, accurate and efficient transmission power, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can be matched with small drying equipment, is the ideal product for large and medium-sized noodle production enterprises.

Noodles Making Machine in Delhi
The working principle of the noodles making machine is to put the flour through the face roller relative rotation extrusion to form the surface, and then through the front head cutting knife opposite the piece to cut strips, thus forming noodles. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutting knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of the cutting knife, so a machine after the replacement of different specifications of the face knife can be made into a variety of specifications of noodles.

1, The noodles making machine uses gear transmission, smooth operation, safe and reliable, gear chain Drive.
2, Use automatic picking system, high efficiency, good quality.
3, Automatic transmission, automatic section, automatic upper Rod, a molding, saving labor.
4, More than a group of rolling, roll drawing, feeding evenly, the panel neat.
5, Reducer, sprocket chain transmission, low noise, long service life.
6, The noodles making machine is safe operation, sanitary and clean.

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