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Large Capacity Noodles Making Video

2019-07-23 by Lisa

Large Capacity Noodles Making Video by Stainless Steel Noodles Machine

This commercial noodle machine is made of stainless steel 304, prevent the machine from rusting and can be used it for a long time. Noodles thickness is evenly, is conducive to the formation of gluten, thereby enhancing gluten elasticity. 

The Installation Guide of Stainelss Steel Noodles Machine
1. Flatten and fix, open the side cover, and add 30# oil in the reducer. Ground the ground wire according to the ground mark.
2. Check if the fasteners in each part are loose during transportation.
3. Connect the power supply and test the reverse rotation. Under normal conditions, press the upper triangle belt and then secure the motor cover.
4. Check whether the oil hole of the service part is unobstructed, and it can be started after refueling.
Stainless Steel Noodles Machine
After installation, the customers can make a large capacity of noodles as they did in the video. Different sizes of noodles can be made by this noodles maker machine.


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