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Introduction of Noodles Production Line

2017-01-12 by Lisa

With the continuous increase of food raw materials and labor costs, the mechanization and intensive production has become a trend in the school food and beverage industry. Concerned about the development of domestic and foreign kitchen equipment, timely introduction of modern centralized processing equipment, has become one of the way of major colleges and universities to change the food and beverage. 
noodle making machine

It is understood that the Peking University dining center has not only Steamed Rice automatic production line, noodle production line, meat cutting machine, vegetable slicing, dicing machine and other domestic and foreign advanced kitchen equipment. It seems that the basic realization of the whole school rice, noodles, and some of the centralized production of vegetables, meat, centralized processing and distribution.

Automatic noodle production line consists of knead dough, ripening, rolling, shaping and cutting, each a noodle from flour to noodles to achieve the full automation and mechanization in operation, while reducing manual operation, to ensure the safety and health and nutritional of food. At present, all the school cafeteria noodles are unified processing and distribution from here.

What's more, the automatic noodle production line can realize automatic control of vacuum knead dough, water atomization, automatic control of independent cooking machine. Noodle thickness evenly, is conducive to the formation of gluten, thereby enhancing gluten elasticity. So that the noodles taste toughness, smooth, meanwhile reduce the loss of nutrients. Full automatic production line standard, scientific and standardized production process to ensure the noodle quality and stability, reduce the risk of food safety by human produced, at the same time, rich varieties of pasta, can be made into round noodle, thin noodle, wonton skin. 

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