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Further Upgrading of Peanut Brittle Processing Line

2016-12-19 by Lisa

      The historical origin of peanut is quite deep, but it was mainly manual and semi mechanized production in the past, as a result of Henan GELGOOG Machinery company to continuous improvement and absorb new technology, the full automatic mechanized peanut brittle (peanut candy) making machine, which include peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine,sugar cooking machine, mixing machine,molding and cutting machine,packing machine were born in Henan GELGOOG Machinery company. This processing line has the advantages of simple operation, less labor, high yield, uniform cutting edges and cutting uniform size, convenient maintenance, made out of peanut crisp crisp, sweet but not greasy.

peanut brittle making machine

      The processing machine is mainly used for the molding of peanut candy, peanut cake, sesame candy, caramel treats and other snack food. The features of the processing line:It has continuous feeding preloading and multi roller automatic molding products, smooth surface, moderate density, uniform thickness, and realize the automation and intelligent; this machine adopts frequency conversion technology, each action is controlled by the PLC coordinate precision, the best effect of different products and processes to adjust speed and thickness to achieve the product forming, cutting. The machine with the high volume, cutting precision, truly automatic, intelligent, hourly output of up to 400-800 kg.

      Not only have these yield, our company has production of other specifications can be used for your choice, if you don't know how much you want, you can also send your plant size for us, supply quantity, we choose the best machine for you.Never let you down.Please contact us when you are freely.