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Video Show of Peanut Butter Machine

2017-01-14 by Lisa

There are two types taste for peanut paste, sweet or salty. Is quite nutritional value table of food. In the application of Western food is more extensive, generally divided into two kinds of coarse and coarse grains. The coarse grain is added to the peanut butter, which in order to increase its taste. Peanut butter is made of high quality peanuts as raw material processing, the finished product is hard and tough mud shape, and with rich fried peanut flavor. This whole process is usually made by the peanut butter making machine. High quality peanut butter is generally show light yellow color, fine quality, rich aroma, no impurities. Commonly used to mix noodles, bread or salad, Steamed Buns and other condiments, also make cookies, sweet buns stuffing ingredients. 

Do you know how the machine work? Here is a video introduce you how to make peanut butter.

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