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The Best Way to Eat Peanuts

2016-12-19 by Lisa

      Now people in the consumption of peanuts will encounter some misunderstanding,some people say that eating raw peanuts more nutritious than cooked.In fact that was not the case.

roasting machine

      Eating the raw peanuts, easy get sick, when the peanut grow on the ground, the peanut shell is often contaminated by bacteria or parasite eggs, eat raw peanut easily infected with various diseases. If eaten contaminated raw peanuts by rodents, but also suffering from epidemic hemorrhagic fever. In addition, peanuts contains a lot of fat, if eat too much raw peanuts can also cause indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, do not eat raw peanuts. 

      Fried peanuts poor in nutrition, after fried peanuts, it contains the vitamins will be fried when the high temperature damage, protein, cellulose and fresh peanut skin will be partially carbonized or all carbide, so its nutritional value and medicinal value are very low. Therefore, not fried peanuts.That how to eat peanuts to ensure that the nutrition will not lose too much? That is eat roasted peanuts, roasted peanuts taste delicious, taste good, there is a strong smell of fragrance.

      Roasted peanuts with its unique taste has been popular with people's favorite. Peanut roasting equipment also has become the focus of attention.

      This machine is composed of a transmission device, an electric heating pipe, an electric control box and an exhaust port. Use the temperature control instrument to control the temperature of the baking furnace automatically, high degree of automation, low noise, no pollution, high yield, it is baked, fried peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, walnuts, food and other grains of the ideal processing equipment.