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Peanut wet peeling machine for sell

2016-11-29 by Tina

Main application: used in peanut peeling in red
Peanut wet peeling machine is used for efficient ideal equipment of peanuts and almonds in red. It is mainly used for Fried peanuts, peanut milk (cream), peanut protein powder, almond production before peeling.
This peanut wet peeling machine using high-standard pure rubber soft roller in imitation of a manual action, peanuts red, it's easy to fall off, and convenient operation, high output, peeling rate over 98%, no damage, break disc rate lower than 5%, is the present domestic most advanced peanut peeling equipment.
Working principle:
Will be approved by soaking peanuts into the hopper, the vibration is made up of three raw materials into the power roller fixed rotation lugs, through induction, the effect of feeding wheel, through the imitation slub by hand wheel, reach the role of peeling, then discharging wheel press after peeling peanut meters into the hopper, and is discharged in the hopper, skin via jilt the skin wheel.
Method of use: wet peanut peeling machine will stay off of peanut, soybean and other ingredients with ironed with boiled water or cold water bubble, bubble to the skin can use hand rub off such as advisable, then you can fall in start peeling machine work.
This peanut peeling machine is GELGOOG company new design machine.
The peanut peeling machine is to use wet peeling a special processing equipment, can be used in Fried peanut production line, also can use single. Suitable for Fried, the smell of peanuts, peanut canned peanut processing will match the use of the equipment, etc. Device, the machine advantage is equipped with rolling slag make tiny particles after peeling and finished product material automatically exclude closed, avoid the excessive foreign matter in appeared in the process of frying, as well as to the oil pollution, improve the working efficiency.
peanut wet peeling machine

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