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How Pomegranate Juice is Made Commercially?

2018-03-16 by Lisa

pomegranate juice extractor machine
Pomegranate juice is a kind of juice made from the steps of pomegranate, such as juice, enzymatic hydrolysis, clarification, coarse filtration and ultrafiltration. It is a juice squeezed from a pomegranate. Pomegranate juice contains many essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B, organic acid, carbohydrate, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, the content of vitamin C is 1-2 times higher than apple, while fat and protein content is less, compared with the standard of health. This is the main reason why pomegranate juice is popular. Here we will show you how to make the pomegranate juice by using pomegranate juice making machine.

The working principle is that the broken pulp, juice and skin enter the double helix Juicer through the hopper. As the screw increases along the direction of the slag outlet, the pitch gradually decreases. When the material is spirally propeller, the volume of the screw chamber shrinks and the material is crushed. The rotation direction of the screw spindle is viewed from the feed hopper to the direction of the cinder slot, which is counterclockwise. The raw material into the hopper, compression screw propulsion, the press juice containing juice through the filter into the bottom of the annular gap is formed between the conical part and waste through the spiral and regulating the discharge pressure head along the axial direction of the mobile and directly affected by the hydraulic control system.
Adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system, adjust the slag resistance, can change the juice rate, but if the hydraulic pressure is too large, in strong extrusion, part of slag particles and juice together through the filtering net is out of juice, despite the increase, but the juice quality relative decline, the hydraulic system pressure should be required depending on the user specific process and. Thus the purpose of automatic separation of juice and slag is achieved.

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