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Popular Noodles Made By Noodles Machine

2016-12-24 by sherry

“Uncle Yang, aunt Qin, did not see you two bring noodles in our store for several days, Today is the winter solstice, so we come here visting you. ” Guo Liangshan and Wang Sanlian who today's birthday carrying noodles. dumplings, vegetables and full of mind, walking into the old man Yang Juxian and her wife Qin Guifang’s home. “The couple are kind and helpful, we are out of this piece of" good name. ” 96 year old Yang Juxian old man holding the hands of Guo Liangshan said.
Guo Liangshan and 44 year old wife comes from Zhoukou, Henan, due to their hometown of arable land less, in 2011 they took their children to Yinchuan to make a living. “In my  hometown we rely on farming for a living, we have no proficiency in a particular line, but my handmade noodles can be regard as my ‘special skills’”.Guo Liangshan said with smile. After  their noodles shop “Love Manual House” opened, at 2 in the morning, the couple began to knead dough, and made noodles. In 5 years, as summer goes and winter comes, this process of traditional hand-made noodels verificate the couple's life .
“July 20, 2013, I remember clearly, from that day my wife and I decided to let the elderly over 80 years of free noodles, so that the elderly can go out for a walk every day." Since then, they have many old figure in front of the noodles store, more than 3 years, they has donated nearly 3000 pounds noodles. The couple also funded 40 poor students. 
From childhood parents taught Guo Liangshan ,always adhere to the good, in the course of time,  people affectionately referred to them as " noodle brother" and " noodle sister ".
Honest, kindhearted couple
Honest, kindhearted couple running their business hand side day in and day out with noodles spread their love.
“We hope that love hand noodles can always do it, an let more old people taste our craft, I hope there is a love figure everywhere.”Guo Liangshan said.
The noodles made by noodles machine also can spare the love. Everyone give a little love to others, the world will be better.

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