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Cleaning Removal of Food Impurities

2017-01-12 by Lisa

screw conveyor cleaning machine
What is the most important equipment in the starch line?There is no doubt is cleaning machine, the so-called beginning of all things is difficult, so this step is particularly critical, raw material only deal with clean, in order to ensure that the final out of the finished product is of high quality. Once the cleaning is not completely, then out of the finished product also contains a large number of impurities, so that the inconvenience of separation and purification process, increase in the cost of starch production, production efficiency of starch decreased, price corresponding reduction, etc. And the finished product is not recognized by the people, it has destroyed the original starch quality.

Then use what method to clean the starch raw materials? Screw conveyor cleaning machine is professional equipment for cleaning potatoes by speed regulating motor drive, the making materials have carbon steel or stainless steel. By using the cleaning machine, the impurities such as weeds, stones are uniformly removed while in the lower part of the machine, in this process, the machine rolling friction the raw materials, under the erosion of water, the soil and the fresh raw materials were separated from the drain hole to achieved the purpose of cleaning.

The machine by our company has a small floor area, stable and reliable operation, long service time, etc characteristics. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us.

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