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What Price of Ice Cream Cone Making Machine?

2020-02-17 by Lisa

Ice cream cone making machine is one of the best-selling products in our factory because of its quality, factory price, and customization(This refers to the mold, voltage, material, etc. of the cone machine).

What is the price of cone making machine? It's mainly based on the specific needs of users, for example, the yield, size of the wafer ice cream cone, and local voltage usage, etc. So if you want to know the ice ream cone making machine price, please contact whatsapp: +8615515571373.

Characteristics of Semi Automatic Softy Cone Making Machine
1. This ice cream cones need bake 1-2 mins per time, it's softy and good appearance.
2. Different shapes of cones can be made, horn-shaped, torch-shaped, double-headed, corn shaped, etc. As well as the logo carving on the cone mould is possible.
3. High production, this cone making machine can make the 1200 pieces in one hour.
4. Low noise in the production process, and working in high efficiency, low power.
5. Food contact parts are stainless steel 304 material, it is easy to operate and clean.
6. We can design the special ice cream cone shape according to your sample.

Many users who inquire about the ice cream cone making machine price, also asked us for a video of the use of the cone making machine, here we show one.


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