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Reducing Pesticide Residue is an Important Target

2016-11-16 by Leo

  With the constant development of food processing technology research,the food processing technology has been developed a lot.But meanwhile,the problem of pesticide residue is also becoming more and more obvious.How to solve the problem of pesticide residue has become the major problem in the innovation and development of food processing technology.But many methods have been put forward.For example,using batch type dewatering machine has been proved an effective way.
  Pesticide has been widely used in agriculture.Its main function is to prevent plant diseases and insect pests.But as pesticide spreads more widely,many plant diseases and insect pests are also evolving and getting stronger resistance to drugs.Thus will oblige farmers to use bigger amount of pesticide.And this finally causes serious pesticide residue phenomenon of various fruits and vegetables.Washing,peeling,concentrating,sterilizing and fermentation are some common food processing patterns.They can help improve the taste of foods,prolong storage period and relieve pesticide residue to some extent.However,there are some processing patterns that may increase pesticide residue,for example,drying.Drying is to evaporate the moisture existing in foods.And this will cause the phenomenon that the proportion of left pesticide gets bigger.What’s more,pesticide residue of foods can also be affected by foods themselves.The proportion of different kinds of pesticide have difference with each other.
  Following are the different influences of different food processing technologies on pesticide residue.
  Washing:Washing is the basic procedure of food processing.It can help reduce pesticide residue to a great extent.Many kinds of pesticide are left on the surface of crops.Washing can help remove such pesticide.However,some parts of pesticide will permeate inwards and are hard to be removed.
  Peeling:Many varieties of pesticide will be left on the pericarps of plants.Therefore,through peeling,the remained pesticide will be effectively removed.And the methods of peeling mainly include machinery methods,chemical methods,freezing methods and steam peeling methods.
  Drying:Dewatering and drying will distribute the moisture in plants and will further cause the condensation and aggregation of pesticide residue.According to relative researches,during the process of drying,with the effects of high temperature and sunlight,the concentration of pesticide residue will be effectively reduced.