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The Main Features of Rice Noodle Machine

2017-01-04 by Lisa

rice noodle

Rice noodle machine not only produce the rice noodle,it can also produce other different food like cold noodle, rice-flour noodle, dough, Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce and so on. All made of high quality stainless steel, clean and beautiful, durable.

rice noodle machine

Different types of machines, the production volume is not the same. From 50kg to 500 kg of production are available for customers to choose convenient. Two person operate, automatic folding, separation, saving time and labor; provide production technology and seasoning formula; use instrument constant temperature control, change the traditional machine thermoregulation by the pressure regulator and test, make the process more easier, everyone can operate; humanized structure, dashboard and worktable is arranged in the same direction. All the parameters are visible and intuitive,  convenient operation; the main components are made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, in line with the national food hygiene standard, attractive and durable; the use of the machine making products of uniform thickness, does not need to be disassembled for cleaning, depending on the instrument control operation; the machine is automatic cutting machine, can produce  rice noodle products with different width.

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