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Different Flavors Dog Foods Produced By Seasoning Machine

2017-01-04 by Lisa

Do you know why you pet dog no longer love to eat dog food? Because you lack a suitable for its food. With the rise and prosperity of the pet dog food industry, now the pet dog food ranking list appears a dazzling spectacle, all famous, economic dog food poured out one after another, with a variety of all kinds of food flavors. Change the previous single food taste, provide different taste for dogs, and also for dog owners pick provide convenience.

dog food seasoning machine

The dog food is a nutritious food provided specifically for dogs, different from human food and traditional animal feed of high-grade animal food. It is mainly for dogs to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health needs of nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding, and the prevention of certain diseases.

There are different flavors of dog food, like beef flavor, chicken flavor, mutton flavor and so on. These are attributed to the commercial seasoning machine. This machine is designed for the octagonal barrel body, to avoid the raw materials in the ball seasoning barrel do not turn, can in a relatively short period of time to make the processed food material and needed seasoning for fully mixing evenly, put out food material through automatic tilt. To achieve the purpose of automatic mixing, automatic discharge.

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