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High Quality of Nutrition Sesame Butter

2017-01-14 by Lisa

Sesame with its fine workmanship, golden color, taste smooth, mellow taste and other characteristics are known. Sesame butter is also called sesame paste, though roaseting and grinding by the peanut butter making machine, with sauce flavor. It is one of the seasonings of instant-boiled mutton in hot pot is very popular with the masses, according to the sesame color can be divided into white sesame butter and black sesame paste.
sesame butter
Sesame butter is made of high quality white sesame seeds or black sesame processing, the finished product is muddy shape, rich in fried sesame flavor. It is not only a condiment, but also has its unique nutritional value. Can go with rice or bread, can be mixed with cold dishes, can also be used as a Hot pot of sauce to use, all over the country have production. Sesame butter has yellow and black types, in color, pure taste, no oil, no impurities were good.

The nutritional ingredients of sesame
1.The amount of calcium in sesame vegetables and legumes are much higher than the second, dried small shrimps, often eat on the bone and tooth development is beneficial;
2.Sesame is rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins and minerals, has a high value of health care;
3.Sesame is rich in lecithin, can prevent hair prematurely white or off;
4.Sesame paste containing iron liver, egg yolk is several times higher, often eat not only have a positive effect on the adjustment of partial eclipse anorexia, but also correct and prevention of iron deficiency anemia;
5.Contains a lot of sesame oil, a good laxative effect;
6.Eat sesame can increase skin elasticity, keep skin healthy.

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