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Original Sesame Candy Making Method

2016-12-19 by Lisa

sesame candy

Sesame candy is a kind of fitness longevity oil food. It is not only nutritious, but also the treatment of indigestion, cough and other diseases. Juvenile white hair, can also be used to assist treatment.

1,Put the corn mill into rice shaped, each 100 kg corn grits sub within 45 kg water mixing, stir well and stack for 5 hours, then steamed into the pot. When the water vapor comes up, the gas is bleed,then add water. The water is designed to be a raw steamed braised.

2,35% of the malt into steamed raw materials,mixing(barley, with warm water soak for 1 hours, placed in the indoor germination, germination by beater or crushed stone crushed into paste), into the pot and steam for about half an hour, and then take out, in the cylinder fermentation.

3,With 50 kg of water sprinkled on the raw materials,then poured into the pot to boil, put sugar into another container, add fire and boil. Until to be flaky, stir 1 hours with sugar stick. Then use a small fire to continue to boil.

4,The boiled juice scoop into a pot cover. (in the case of cold hard sugar will not pull out immediately on board), wire rod, wire rod of a disc around 1 kg, a first in a virtual disk on the hook plate of sugar, then give another person to quickly pull into a hanging rod into a cylindrical shape with the diameter of 1.5 cm, the Fire Festival 15 cm long segments (fire heat and redness), then put in a sieve with a stick to the steam Teng, peeling sesame.

Method of peeling sesame: soak sesame seeds for 12 hours with cold water, fish out, into the frying pan to fry the semi dry. Skin will winnow out with a dustpan, then fry second times, the expansion sesame can be dipped in sugar.

Know the original sesame candy is how to do it, we have to say that this process is really very long, but now the development of science and technology, the production of sesame candy do not need such a method,use a sesame candy making machine,you don't have to worry about anything, and you don't need so much manpower.So nice machine!