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Several Different Patterns of Frying

2016-11-07 by Leo

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  In our daily life,we fry foods with special tools or frying machines.It seems very simple.But actually,this is only one type of frying,there are more than one pattern of frying foods,mainly including shallow frying and deep frying.
  Shallow frying:this method is suitable for foods with big surface.For example,meat,eggs and pies,etc.
  Deep frying:this method can be divided into five specific methods distinguishing from oil and the environment of pressure.
  The details are as following.
    1.Two patterns of only using oil or oil-water mixture to fry foods.
  The disadvantages of frying only using oil:During the frying process,all of the oil are in the situation of high temperature.The oil will get metamorphic very soon.The viscosity will increase.And after several times of repeatedly using,the oil won’t be able to be used anymore.The residues left down below the pot will be accumulated and make the oil dirty.Meanwhile,it may produce substances that may cause cancer.What’s more,the nutrition of the foods will be reduced a lot.
  The advantages of oil-water mixture frying pattern:oil and water will be naturally divided into two layers.Oil will float above water due to different densities.The degree of heating will get more sufficient.Besides,the products fried by oil-water mixture will be safer and are of higher quality and health.
    2.Ordinary pressure deep frying and vacuum low-temperature deep frying.
  Vacuum low-temperature frying has many advantages that ordinary pressure frying can’t achieve.The basic principle of vacuum low-temperature deep frying in empty space is that decrease the vaporization temperature of moisture in foods to dewater in a short period on the condition of decreased pressure so that frying foods on the condition of low temperature can be realized.Hot fat can be used as the medium of dewatering and supporting heat.Meanwhile,it has the important effect of improving the taste of foods.
  To deal with different varieties of foods,different proper methods should be chosen.And this depends on the features of foods.

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