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Something you need to know about our pizza cone making machine

2016-07-05 by admin

pizza cone making machine

Pizza cone making machine
is a commercial cone shaped pizza maker,specially designed for making tailored grasping pizza (also known as cone pizza, pizza cones, pizza handle, handmade pizza). With full stainless steel housing combined with aluminum mold, simple and elegant appearance, with food grade pizza drum mold, the insulating material to prevent mold sticking cone. According to different pizza recipe adjustment cylinder mold upper and lower mold temperature, full automatic operation, one can produce four cone. Machine equipped with automatic warning devices, product quality and stability, by CE and ISO: 9001-2008 and other international standards, safe and reliable, widely applicable to restaurants, pizzeria cones, pizza buffet, pizza delivery, patisserie, amusement parks Takeout and other major food and beverage industry.
Pizza cone is generally relatively thick, 5mm, waffle cone and wafer cone / cream cone generally 3mm thickness. In shape, Pizza cylindrical general shape is relatively simple and only two kinds, but more waffle cone shape.
Machines generally only slightly different in the shape of the mold, but the overall look is very similar.
Pizza tube generally filling cheese, meat or other filling pizza, usually baked again. But it is mainly used for wafer cone filled with ice cream.

pizza cone

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