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What are the advantages of the stick noodle production line?

2018-04-20 by Lisa

The full automatic stick noodle production line developed by our company, from flour hoisting, brine mixing, metering water supply, mixing and surface, ripening, compounded press, continuous rolling, continuous rolling, rod picking, upper and rear end trimming, hanging and drying, drying and dewatering, bottom rack shaping to conveying and cutting are all automated and continuous operations. Efficient production, saving resources and improving product quality are ideal equipment for modern food production enterprises.
stick noodle production line
Low temperature drying production line is very popular in medium scale noodle manufacturers with the characteristics of saving land area, saving human resources, moderate price, high production and full automatic production. Below is a specific introduction to its six advantages:
One, the drying capacity of the noodle drying room is high and durable.
Two, the drying room has adopted a number of gear reducer (5-6 units) (other manufacturers are more than 2-3 units) running more smooth, no rod, can be guaranteed to lose more than 5 rods per day.
Three, the upper frame is mechanically mounted without dropping the rod, resulting in low failure rate.
Four, the main machine adopts the taper bearing, which is convenient to repair and disassemble. It avoids the problem that the overhaul should be removed by the pressure roller, that is to say, the roller will be replaced directly by the roller, and the single person can operate within 15 minutes to solve the problem.
Five, the drying fan adopts 370W low power fan, which can save more than ten kW per hour, achieving the goal of environmental protection and cost reduction.
Six, to the root machine to use a single power, not card. Noodle length, uniformity before and after adjustment can be adjusted without stopping. At the same time, the uniformity of the front and back can be accurately reduced, and the amount of wet head cut by the shearing machine is greatly reduced.

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