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Processing Technology of Sweet Potato Starch

2016-12-20 by Lisa

Sweet potato starch processing machine is suitable for processing sweet potato, potato, cassava, Ge Gen, lotus etc, can finish cleaning conveying, coarse grinding, fine grinding pulp, pulp powder from three procedures at one time, this technology is conducive to the reuse of waste water from starch slurry, reduce the production process, at the same time the manual production of starch by oxidation of the starch color variation, dark phenomenon, powder residue was crushed filamentous under the microscope in favor of starch free from the fiber, so as to improve the extraction rate of starch.

sweet potato starch machine
The production process of sweet potato starch: fresh potato strips - cleaning and conveying breaking - flushing screening (filtering) - in addition to sediment precipitation.

One, cleaning: mainly in the removal of sweet potato cortex stained with mud, wash and remove the sweet potato root epidermis. The production of starch as raw materials for cleaning, is to ensure the quality of starch based, clean the more clean, the better the quality of starch.

Two, julienne broken solution: potato starch is mainly stored in the root pulp, only a small amount of storage in endothelial cells. The purpose of silk cutting is to destroy the sweet potato tissue structure, so that the tiny starch particles can be successfully separated from the root tuber. Starch released from a cell, called free starch; a starch bound to the interior of a waste. Julienne breaking is sweet potato processing one of the most important processes, it is related to the quality of flour yield and starch content of sweet potato, grater breaking requirements: 1,make the sweet potato cell rupture, releasing free more starch granules; 2,easy separation. Do not want to peel too small, too easy peel jam mesh, is not conducive to the separation of starch and other ingredients, and increase the difficulty of separation of fine slag.

Three, flush screening: sweet potato residue is slender fiber volume greater than the starch particles, expansion coefficient is greater than the proportion of starch granules, and light in starch granules, the breaking of the puree, with water as the medium, the potato residue containing starch further filtered water.

Four, purification and precipitation: mud and sand is greater than the proportion of water is greater than the proportion of starch granules, according to the principle of proportion of separation, using cyclone sand, or use the chute sedimentation method can achieve the ideal effect. The yellow pulp proportion, close to water, and the ratio of starch granules in the shape of light weight, long processing cycle more hand, performance more sticky stick sieve, starch granules, and very difficult to separate, so the requirements of fresh raw materials, short process, timely separation.