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The culture of the Chinese noodles

2017-01-16 by Tina

In many Chinese food, there are many traditional food have been included in the ranks of the world food culture.such as dumplings, steamed buns, noodles.The noodles is the most famous of these. In the diet culture of the world, almost everywhere can see traces of noodles. In Italy, consumption noodles about 30 kg per person per year, referred to as "macaroni" Italian food.it is the Marco Polo back to Italy introduced to people.the local people and become the brands of Italian food. Japanese noodles is passed from China, also called "ramen" in Japan.
The undeniable fact is that noodles home in China, far in the Han Dynasty there have been similar to today's northeastern Chinese eat "patches of children." As the noodles in the hot soup to cook, so people call it "soup cake." To the Southern and Northern Dynasties, people eat more type.

Noodles on festive banquet people always play an important role, and folk food customs. The Spring Festival is our Chinese nation is the most important and the most grand festival, one to the eve of the Spring Festival, is the family together to eat dumplings, noodles in life etiquette also plays an important role, such as shanxi , the third day after marriage, the couple both home, mother-in-law to surface treatment, wish the couple tied together in the future. On wish birthday feast and the like, the symbol of "longevity" noodles is indispensable to a dish.s of noodles.

Noodles as the staple food of residents in northern China, from the restaurant to the general civilian population, the production of noodles and eat a variety of patterns, called the world-class. With the birth of the noodle machine, some restaurants use noodle machine to produce noodles.


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