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The development of the sugar cube making machine

2016-11-08 by Tina

Sugar cube has a long history, with excellent quality and favored by consumers, each are used for selection of sugar sugar, add filtered water, in a sealed automatic mixer after mixing pressure forming, high temperature drying and sterilization of the final product in the far infrared, purity, color value and structure have strict requirements, due to low moisture content, add sealed moisture-proof packaging, long shelf life. Products with pure white pure, angular, compact structure, easy to dissolve the characteristics. Due to the size of the same size, each weight is equal to one teaspoon of white sugar, is to add a sweet taste of the convenience of the selection of drinks.
 Compression molding molding machine with traditional sugar. The main part of the sugar cube making machine is a horizontal cylindrical drum, in its circumferential surface horizontal many columns (usually 24) strip mold, mold each more than and 10 square holes. The drum per minute more than 10 RPM speed of rotation. Good wet sugar after shock, hopper fall into the square hole in the top of the drum, with the rotation of the drum, is outward from the center of head movement gradually pressing, forming block. When they are rotated to the bottom position, the head is pressed out of the hole, and the conveying belt is discharged. This method is also called Adant or Hersey method. It was a hard, sharp cube.
In 1970s Sweden sugar company of successful vibration molding method of the new sugar manufacturing, also known as SSA or vibration. It uses modern consolidation technology, with high frequency vibration to make the grain of sugar consolidation into a uniform and strong box. The prepared sugar has better gloss (not due to grain on the surface of the crushed grain), uniform pore space, higher porosity, dissolved faster. This machine is similar to belt conveyor, continuous cycle operation. It is equipped with 250 special alloy made of surface covered with a long strip of PTFE mold, each with 18 square holes. High frequency vibration using an electric vibrator to the mold to produce the horizontal direction, the sugar in a small wet box, and tightly bonded into blocks and aggregation. The vertical vibration and die after a vibrator generates increasing will die of sugar unloading to the conveyor belt. These molds are empty, hot water washing and drying after injection, and reentry material. This method is more suitable for mass production.
sugar cube machine
sugar cube making machine is an automatic feeding, automatic press molding, continuous press block machine, it is mainly used for the pressure box and other shapes. 18 * 18 * 13mm and 20 * 20 * 15mm and many kinds of specifications.

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