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The introduction of instant noodle

2016-11-08 by Ellie

  The definition of instant noodle is a kind of simple fast food, which is originated from Japan, combining the traditional noodles and hand-pulled noodles, with some cooking oil added, through the process of dehydration treatment. The instant noodle was very popular among Japan in the last century. However, the instant noodle is made by the instant noodle machine currently as the development of food machinery industry.
instant noodle machine
  On 25th August 1958, the first instant noodle was sold by the inventor Wu baifu, and then the instant noodle with condiments in a form of single bag was promoted.
Only with a cup of boiled water can make you get rid of your hunger, the instant noodle expanded the domestic market in Japan with the advantages of cheap, convenient, delicious, and long preservation time. According to a survey in Japan, the instant noodle was regarded as the most important invention of last century, and it was divided into two types according to the technical procedure: fried instant noodle production and non-fried instant noodle production line.
  According to the relevant statistics, the global sales volume of instant noodle in last year was 97 billion 900 million bags, the world's average per capita consumption of 15 packs. After invented by Japan, many enterprises in the world began to innovate and improve the technology and flavors based on the former instant noodle, so there are various kinds of instant noodle ion the market now.
  In fact, the main difference between fried instant noodle and non-fried instant noodle lies in the use of frying technology, the non-fried instant noodle is produced with the micro puffing technology rather than frying, so the non-fried instant noodle is more popular among consumers as the healthy consciousness deepening.

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