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The making process of the chips

2017-01-05 by Tina

First, the potatoes are peeled and washed as raw materials.

After cleaning the potato peeling machine to be delivered to the steam or mechanical peeling machine peeling. And then enter the second cleaning machine, paste residue on the surface of the potato, potato skin wash off. Potato after cleaning, to be delivered to the testing stage, realize manual sorting and finishing after peeling potatoes.

After peeling potatoes feeding belt conveyor to the slicer. Potatoes cut into required slice. Starch and water cleaning free.

Chips are sent to blanching machine after cleaning for blanching, out of the washing and blanching chips with a large number of attached water. Using vibrating screen with strong winds, will be a single chips, and the attached water blow dry. And then to the frying machine, the water content of potato chips is reduced from 80% to 80%, to get crispy products. Fried chips in the finished product oil content between 30% and 40%. Fried potato chips to drain the oil to be delivered after the conveyor belt, surface residual oil drain products. Good Fried potato chips to be delivered to the cylinder flavoring machine to flavor of potato chips, according to the different products add seasoning. Then will taste good potato chips to the packaging workshop, will need the size and shape of the product packaging into.

Fried potato chips production line can finish these steps, it have advanced design and it is automatic, high quality, simple operation. The motor, reduction drive, frequency conversion, speed governor, pneumatic components, electrical components and bearing adopts Japanese and European famous brand products. All contact with the food parts adopt stainless steel, completely meet the international food machinery health standards.

photo chips production line

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